Pagerosa BBQ Sauce
Label Design, Photography & Advertising
Pagerosa Sauce is a truly unique BBQ sauce! They call it the "Everything Sauce" because you really can use it for anything. It is excellent on beef, fish, chicken, salads, and anything that needs a little more taste. This sauce is so light and delicious, yet still maintains that smokey and tangy BBQ taste. Use it in your favorite recipes, as a marinade or a dressing, or just use it as a dipping sauce. The possibilities are truly endless!

We love working with this new AMAZING product. When Pagerosa Sauce first approached us for projects they wanted us to start with a visually appealing label design for their bottle. Other projects followed after that, such as print advertising, point of purchase advertising, and product photography. Recently, we have helped Pagerosa Sauce with their official partnership with the Kannapolis Intimidators. We love working with Pagerosa Sauce not only because of the awesome people who create it, but even more because the BBQ sauce itself is "finger-lickin' good!" We always love working with products that we truly believe in, and that just makes this client more fun and easier to work with.